Who We Are

Technology Tailor Made (TTM) is a regional technology solutions company that has existed since 2004. TTM offers the ultimate computing experience. Also known as CDM Computers, TTM is the company to call when you want solutions that: make technology easy to use, offers business advantages, keeps your data safe, and delivers your online messages in a powerful way. TTM is the company to call when you want to remove the frustrations and headaches of technology not working well or being complex to use. We serve businesses in the Greater Cincinnati and Indianapolis areas.   

TTM brings a wide range of computing solutions to you: computing technologies; networking technologies; web, online and social media services; office technologies; hardware solutions; and repair services.

TTM has a retail store that sells computer parts and offers repair services to the public. We carry products in stock and order as needed when products are requested that are not in stock.

Our goal is to expand our reach to the number of businesses and individuals we serve. Our passion is people’s needs and we are committed to serving those needs. The relationship we build with you, the commitment we make to you is paired with our principles of integrity and technical excellence.

We exist in 2 locations – the Tri-County area of Cincinnati, OH, and the East side of Indianapolis IN. 

You can reach us at 513-549-8308 or 317-788-7885


Robin Walker is the CEO of Technology, Tailor Made, and the Executive Director of Camp BYOC (Build Your Own Computer).  With a degree in Math and Economics from Norfolk State University and graduate studies in business at the University of Cincinnati, Robin is reaching her entrepreneurial dream of contributing to the world of Information Technology (IT).  

Robin had an extensive career as an IT executive with national and international experiences at Procter & Gamble (P&G).  Her roles included strategic planning, consulting, application development, and business organizational support.  She managed numerous operations and teams in the United States and influenced the direction of organizations in the United Kingdom, Brussels, Asia, and Mexico.

After 24 years at P&G, the dream, now known as Technology, Tailor Made (TTM) came to be.  Robin envisioned TTM to be more than a place to buy product, to give customers a positive experience in tech; to be a place to get great service, and get tech knowledge; to be a place where the customer needs come first.  TTM does all this and more. 

Because of Robin’s strong commitment to customer service that dream has evolved into technology education with the 2014 creation of BYOC (Build Your Own Computer) Camps and Clubs.   BYOC is a year-round program that gives youth between the ages of 9 and 17 early experiences with computer technology, inspiring them to pursue technology careers.  The program teaches youth to build a computer, the science of computer technology, computer programming, and more.  Students can return year after year to grow their skills.  Now a 501(c)3 organization, the organization has expanded the number of camps and students it serves. If you are interested in BYOC you can reach Robin at 513-377-1679 or by email at